I started out as junior in a local newspaper office (bashing out weather reports on an old fashioned manual typewriter!) and eventually progressed to Director, level legal secretary – with a variety of industries in between including banks, estate agents and town planners. I have, along with many people, evolved to take the skills I acquired in a traditional office environment, online, and have gained more knowledge and skills. this has enabled me to branch out into web design, web building, brand/logo design and website maintenance.

I am particularly experienced in designing and building WordPress and Blogger sites and have also coded sites, from scratch (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP).

As an artist in other areas of my life (my hobbies!), I relish taking a blank canvas and combining images, colours, text etc to create something that is visually pleasing, interactive and streamlined in function. Working closely with the client and tweaking things constantly until it looks and functions exactly the way they want it.