How to Map your Domain to WordPress

So you have a Domain Name you purchased with a hosting service, and you have a WordPress blog, and you want to join the two. You want your blog address to be (let’s say) rather than WordPress do have a page setting out the way to do it but it’s not entirely clearContinue reading “How to Map your Domain to WordPress”

5 Free Learn to Code Sites, and Why you Should

Even if, as a designer, you are not getting into the actual building of the website you are working on, it’s incredibly helpful to have a good grasp of how a site is put together, the coding that brings all your lovely images, colours, text, gadgets and gizmos to life. Knowing some coding, even basic,Continue reading “5 Free Learn to Code Sites, and Why you Should”

A Journey of a Thousand Steps

Unlike some of my other creative pursuits (I love to crochet in my time off), which have a very clear conclusion, I always see web design and building as a work in progress. Something with no defined endpoint. A website evolves. It begins with, in many cases, a blank canvas, ideas, vague thoughts from theContinue reading “A Journey of a Thousand Steps”