Work with Me

If you wish to work with me, please bear in mind (especially when wanting to schedule meetings) that I am located in the United Kingdom (GMT).

I keep my rates as simple as possible and are detailed below. Please note that for projects, a 50% deposit is due in advance, on acceptance of terms, with the remainder being due at the completion of the work. Project fees are subject to revision if the project parameters change.

I also have a retainer service. This is most useful in the first 2-3 months after creating a new site where there may well be changes or additions to the site and any little niggling problems that may arise during the teething process.

Extra Pair of Hands – £25 per Hour

Excellent for one off tasks, such as changing some text on your site, adding a couple of images or adding an email form.

By the Project – Quote at Start of Project

Initial quote based on the size of the project and how long I think it will take. As a rough guide, a very basic WordPress blog will cost around £350. A larger WordPress site, with more pages, interactivity etc., may cost in the region of £1000-2000.

Monthly Retainer – invoiced £100/month.

If you wish to retain me to carry out extra work, updates, website changes, social media management etc. The cost is based on 4 hours availability per month and is a set fee regardless if you require my help for those hours or not. On a month to month basis, can be cancelled at any time. £100 per month.